Do you feel lost in the wilderness of
grief and overwhelm?

If you are struggling with grief, have lost your way or feel overwhelmed, I am here to help you honour your loss, rebuild your life, and find your place ®

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Honour Your Loss

Grief is the natural response to losing someone or something. Everyone’s grief is unique. Your relationship with your grief is key to your reactions. Together we can work on:

  • the telling and retelling of your story
  • working with painful thoughts, worries or fears
  • identifying how you are feeling and why you are feeling this way
  • managing the impact of grief and your relationship with others
  • accommodating grief in your life with compassion and caring.

Rebuild Your Life

The vision for your life may have changed your health, home, roles, and relationships. You may know what to do next or not. Together we can work on the following:

  • getting a clear picture of the future
  • identifying what you want to change right now
  • setting realistic and achievable goals for a brighter future
  • navigating the challenges that come up as you move forward
  • to take action and achieve your goals by getting accountability and support.
Loss and Grief Counselling | Rebuild Your Life

Find Your Place

Your place is where you feel at home – your authentic self. When you are experiencing a significant change, you can lose your place. You may find yourself overcommitted, disorganised, and disconnected. Our work together can include the following:

  • getting clear on what is most important to you
  • working out where and how to start
  • making the best use of your time and space
  • developing simple systems to declutter and maintain a more organised life
  • finding some balance between the commitments that you want to keep.
Loss & Grief Counselling

Honour Your Loss
Grief and Loss Counselling

Grief counselling can help to more effectively deal with stressful or challenging life circumstances, painful thoughts, and feelings.

Life Transition & Wellness Coaching

Rebuild Your Life
Life, Transition, Wellness Coaching

Life coaching can assist you in identifying your life purpose, and improvements to your quality of life and time management.

Organising Consulting

Find Your Place
Clutter & Hoarding Counselling and Support

An organising consultant can help you become more organised and develop new skills to a level that suits your interests, lifestyle, and home.

Julie Jensen

Julie Jensen

Grief and Life Transition Counselling Melbourne

Do you feel lost in the wilderness and fed up with people telling you to get over it?

Do you feel that your compass is steering you in the wrong direction, and you have lost touch with what matters most?

Does home or work, or play no longer feel right?

You are in the right place! 

My name is Julie, and I founded Changes in Between®. I help people experiencing a significant life change and the tricky parts of change called transition – the differences between the chapters of our lives. Change happens throughout life, and it may be anticipated, unexpected or a dream that hasn’t come true.

After my husband’s terminal illness and death, I became a widow at 30. While I was able to work through my grief and loss with the support of family and friends, there were some aspects that I struggled with for years. At the time, I was searching for a professional with an understanding of loss and grief counselling that could help me. I didn’t want to attend a clinic. Instead, I wanted someone to come to me, walk alongside me, and acknowledge that it was painful and challenging without passing judgement or making assumptions. I was seeking help to honour my loss, rebuild my life and find my place.

Counselling Services

I’m here to help you to work through change, loss and reinvent to become more organised in a safe and comfortable space.

Any Location

In home visits, online, over the phone, walk & talk and counselling rooms in Heidelberg.


Rest assured, every conversation we have is confidential and non-judgemental.

Health Assistance

BUPA, Medibank Private and Police Health & Emergency Services Health Rebates may apply. I work with NDIS Plan Managed & Self-Managed.

"Honour the space between no longer and not yet."

- Nancy Levin