Collaborative therapy with professional organisers

Collaborative Therapy with Professional Organisers

Collaborative therapy is a professional relationship between the client, professional organiser and counsellor. The organiser helps the client to make behavioural changes in relation to their disorganisation. The counsellor helps the client to work on the vulnerability factors and causes contributing to the disorganisation, overcommitment or hoarding.

What is Collaborative Therapy?

Collaborative Therapy services can be provided if you are working with a professional organiser to help you become more organised.  For instance, the organiser works on the practical issues and strategies for organising and/or productivity. Whereas, the therapist works on the treatment and the underlying vulnerabilities.

What is a Professional Organiser?

A professional organiser is a highly skilled professional and they help people to make changes in their living and working space, and / or time and schedule. You may be considering engaging with or are already working with an organiser.

How can a Professional Organiser help?

A Professional organiser can assist you to:

  • sort and categorise items (placing like with like).
  • decrease the amount of possessions or information that are being retained (deciding what to keep, what to donate or give away, and what to discard).
  • honouring these items by finding a place for them to be displayed or stored.

A Professional organiser can work with you in many areas. Some examples include:

  • information (papers)
  • collections (books, magazines, music, sporting)
  • craft
  • photographs
  • clothing
  • pantry items
  • kitchens
  • laundry
  • bathrooms,
  • children’s bedrooms
  • garages
  • home office workspaces.

How can I assist when you have a professional organiser?

You have become disorganised or stuck because your life is changing or has changed. You may be experiencing grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, and other strong emotions. As a result, decisions become difficult and overwhelming. I get it and I can help!

I’m a qualified and experienced trauma informed grief counsellor and an organising and productivity consultant. I have a natural fit with this work. I can support you with the emotions that are coming to the surface during the organising process and I can also help you to be more ready, willing and able to start working with a hands-on organiser.

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