Collaborative therapy with professional organisers

What is Collaborative Therapy?

Collaborative Therapy is a service that can be provided to people who are in the process of decluttering and organising their possessions. They may be using the services of a professional organiser. The organiser works on the practical issues and strategies for managing possessions and the therapist works on the treatment and the underlying vulnerabilities.

What is a Professional Organiser?

Some people have engaged the services of a professional organiser to help them to become more organised. A professional organiser is a highly skilled professional who can help with changes to a living or working space. Usually, they will work with people to find out what their visions and hopes are for their space.

How can a Professional Organiser help?

Professional organisers assist to

  • sort and categorise items (placing like with like),
  • decrease the amount of possessions or information that are being retained (deciding what to keep, what to donate or give away, and what to discard)
  • honouring these items by finding a place for them to be displayed or stored.

Professional organisers work with people in many ways – including but not limited to

  • information (papers)
  • collections (books, magazines, music, sporting)
  • craft
  • photographs
  • clothing
  • pantry items
  • kitchens
  • laundry
  • bathrooms,
  • children’s bedrooms
  • garages
  • home office workspaces.

How can I assist when you have a professional organiser?

There is often a back story to becoming less organised. Strong feelings associated with recovery may limit the success of the organising work.

I’m a counsellor, with a long-standing interest in the field of professional organising, situational and chronic disorganisation. With networks of professional organisers in Victoria, other states of Australia and overseas I’m able to keep up to date and learn new ideas. I’ve undertaken extensive training and professional development and I’m happy to work with people who have engaged and working with a professional organiser.

My work with clients in this area is mainly due to loss and grief and sometimes multiple losses but this also extends to the whole person and wherever they are in the change process. I am trained to assist people with a range of issues that may have led to disorganisation over a short or longer-term. In particular, cognitive behavioural therapy, which is an evidence-based treatment, that works well with people who are working on becoming more organised.

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