How I work

Telehealth - Online and Phone

Counselling, coaching, and consulting services are delivered via Telehealth (online and by phone). If you want the convenience of your appointments at home or in the office then Telehealth is ideal. You can also book an appointment before or after work or on weekends. In addition, Telehealth is an affordable and convenient solution if you live in regional, interstate or overseas locations (other than the USA and Canada). If we both agree that Telehealth is a good fit for you, I will send you a Telehealth agreement explaining how this service works.

Home Visits

Home visits can be helpful if you are experiencing grief from any loss (death and living losses). After agreeing that this service is a good fit for you, I will visit your home.

A home visit can be invaluable in showing me what is working well and less well in your life after a loss or if you are experiencing chronic disorganisation. Counselling, coaching, and consulting services can all be offered during home visits.



Walk and Talk

You may be interested in taking your appointments into nature and having walk-and-talk therapy. The benefits of walk and talk may include improved awareness, connection, grounding, emotional release, problem-solving and enhanced mood. In addition, for some people, the natural environment offers an easier way to express their thoughts and feelings than in the confines of an indoor setting.

A telehealth appointment is required (first session) before walk-and-talk. Appointments are held in the Heidelberg area.

Single Session Counselling (SSC)

You may only want or require single-session counselling (SSC). Lasting 60-90 minutes, these sessions are structured differently from multiple sessions. SSC is ideal if you are seeking to resolve a single issue. However, a single session does not preclude you from having another session.  Currently, there are no or minimal wait times for an appointment once registered.

Grief and Hoarding Counselling & NDIS

NDIS - Grief and Hoarding Counselling

If you are an NDIS participant, grief and hoarding counselling may help to support you with the following:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression and other mental health concerns.
  • Change that you are finding difficult.
  • The loss of someone or something unique.
  • Feeling stuck, or overwhelmed.
  • Being surrounded by clutter or hoarding.
  • Enhanced self-care and self-confidence.
  • Planning and prioritising health and wellness.
Virtual Organising

Virtual Professional Organising

Virtual Professional Organising services provide an alternative to having someone come to your home or office to provide hands-on organising. Virtual organising is a consulting service conducted online via Zoom or telephone.

Just-in-Time Counselling

Just-in-Time Counselling

Just-in-Time-Counselling is a single appointment for counselling when you need it. You may not need another session for a while but you may need one tonight. 

Counselling Room

I am currently not offering face-to-face services in a counselling room. If you are seeking in-person counselling I offer walk-and-talk (Heidelberg) and home visits.

Fees & Frequently Asked Questions

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