Home Visits

Home visits can be very helpful as a counselling service especially for chronic disorganisation, hoarding tendencies, and working with grief. It can accelerate our work together. At the initial home visit we can do an assessment of what is working well and less well in your home or working environment. It can be useful to locating the areas where you feel stuck or overwhelmed.

If you are experiencing chronic disorganisation, or hoarding, home visits may be necessary in our work together. However, you may choose to have appointments initially by telephone or online as we get to know one another. An assessment of your situation through a home visit will aid in providing the appropriate treatment plan to meet your needs.

With grief, you may find it difficult to come home after being out at work, or with family and friends. You may feel like home is not what it used to be and that there are decisions that you need to make but you are feeling overwhelmed. It may be beneficial to have a home-visit appointment regularly, occasionally or as a single session.

You may also want me to meet other members of your family together with you in your home in an initial visit. This can be important to having support during the changes you are seeking to make.

There are considerations that need to be thought through for home-visits. Examples include securing your dog or cat, ensuring privacy and confidentiality during sessions, and having a place to work together such as a kitchen table.

The recommended time for a home-visit is two hours and may incur a travel cost. I have trained in delivering home visits through Zur Institute (USA), and ongoing education via The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (USA). During Covid-19 restrictions this service will not be offered.

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