Home Visits

Dealing with grief, hoarding, clutter, and chronic disorganization can be overwhelming, especially when anxiety, depression, or ADHD are part of the equation. As someone who provides home visits, I’ve seen firsthand how transformative it can be to work directly within a person’s living space. This approach not only accelerates progress but also offers unique benefits that traditional therapy settings might not provide.

Why Home Visits Work

Home visits are particularly effective for those struggling with chronic disorganization, hoarding tendencies, and grief. These visits allow us to address the root causes of these issues in the environment where they manifest most. Whether you opt for regular visits, occasional check-ins, or a single session, the impact can be profound.

What to Expect During a Home Visit

During our initial visit, we’ll have an open discussion about your home environment—what’s working well and where you feel stuck. This conversation helps us tailor our approach to your specific needs. You might find a home visit beneficial if you:

  • Struggle to come home after being out.
  • Feel your home is not the sanctuary it once was.
  • Are postponing important decisions.
  • Feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start.
  • Avoid inviting friends or family over.

Involving other family members during these visits can also be crucial, providing a support network that enhances the therapeutic process.

Preparing for Your Appointment

To ensure our sessions are productive and comfortable, consider the following:

  • Secure any pets to avoid distractions.
  • Ensure a private and confidential setting.
  • Have a designated workspace, such as a kitchen table, where we can collaborate.

Each home visit is typically two hours long and may include travel costs. My training through the Zur Institute (USA), The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (USA), and the National Association for Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) ensures that I bring a well-rounded and professional approach to every visit.

Making the First Step

Embarking on this journey might seem daunting, but remember, the goal is to transform your home into a space of comfort and peace. Whether you’re navigating grief, dealing with clutter, or facing chronic disorganization, a home visit could be the step that makes all the difference. Together, we can create a living environment that supports your well-being and helps you move forward.

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