Just-in-Time Counselling


What is Just-in-Time-Counselling? 

Just-in-Time-Counselling is a single appointment when you need it, possibly tonight. You may not need another session for weeks or months. When you register as a client, you can make follow-up appointments as often as you need.

Another reason for Just-in-Time-Counselling is that you may be unable to wait for services. Long wait lists are standard for obtaining counselling services. Some services might also require a referral to a GP, which adds to the cost. You may need assistance now, and you may only need one session.

Just-in-Time-Counselling is an effective way of delivering quality care along a wide-ranging continuum, including, but not limited to, change and transition, loss and grief, and stress management.

You may choose to have just one appointment or may choose several.

What are the benefits of Just-in-Time-Counselling? 

There are many benefits to Just-in-Time-Counselling:

  • Same day or short wait times compared with months to see some services.
  • Rather than a session at a time most suitable to the provider, you decide on a moment in time that suits you.
  • You might be at the maximum motivation to change.
  • Reduces frustrations and provides increased accessibility at just the right moment.

Who is Just-in-Time-Counselling Not Suited For? 

Just-in-Time-Counselling is not suitable if you are experiencing a crisis, domestic violence or at risk of self-harm or suicide.

Please contact Lifeline on 1311 14 or 1800Respect for all domestic or intimate partner violence on 1800 737 732.

How Do I Schedule My First Just-in-Time-Counselling Appointment?

You do not need a referral from your doctor for just-in-time counselling.

Select the date and time for your first appointment from the initial consultations on the booking page. Complete your details and select payment (most credit cards are accepted). Please get in touch with us directly to pay via direct debit (OSKO).

You will receive an email to confirm your booking, and your counsellor will also be notified. You will receive a Zoom link if you have chosen a video link. At the allocated time, use your Zoom link to access the room. If you select the telephone, your therapist will call you then.

Please note that you cannot cancel or reschedule your appointment once you have booked a Just-in-Time Counselling unless more than 48 hours before the appointment.