Life, Transition, and Wellness Coaching

Have you had an unexpected, unanticipated loss, or are you seeking to reset and gain focus in a part of your life? Maybe you are anticipating a change in your life. Changes in Between® offers life, transition, organising and productivity, and wellness coaching to help you to rebuild your life.

The coaching relationship is equal – the coach is not the expert. You are the expert in your life, but sometimes you may get in your way. Coaching provides clarity, and with clarity comes greater self-awareness and confidence. It allows you to determine what matters and what dissatisfaction remains. In these times of change and transition, we must pay attention to our self-care routine. If you have experienced loss and grief, these services can be ideal for bringing some colour back into your life.

This page will explain each type of coaching.

Life Coaching

Identifying your life purpose and improvements to your quality of life through:

  • developing a vision for your life
  • identifying the areas in your life that you would like to change
  • working on long and short-term goals
  • providing support and accountability to achieve your vision.

Organising and Productivity Coaching *

Working through the overwhelm of overcommitment and disorganisation by:

  • identifying and achieving your goal for your space and/or time
  • knowing and working with your values, needs and strengths
  • improving well-being and self-care while working on your goals
  • learning from engagement, action, and new awareness.

Transition Coaching

Navigating transitions from the ending to the new beginning and the problematic part in the middle by:

  • increasing awareness about transitions
  • supporting navigating through the transition
  • identifying support systems and strategies that promote wellbeing
  • promoting individual growth through change and beyond.
Image of two hands over a small flower with light coming through - rebuild your life

Rebuild Your Life

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” – Jonas Salk

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Wellness Coaching

Addressing sleep, energy, * organisation, stress management, life balance, weight, exercise, nutrition, and health issues from:

  • developing a vision for your wellness
  • identifying the health and wellness areas that you would like to change
  • establishing short and long-term wellness goals
  • providing accountability and support to help you achieve your vision.

* For additional help with organising, please see the information on Virtual Professional Organising.

Still wondering if coaching is right for you now. Access the coaching self-assessment to learn more.