Life, Transition and Wellness Coaching

I offer a blend of coaching comprising life, transition and wellness coaching.

Life Coaching

Life coaching can assist you in identifying your life purpose, and improvements to your quality of life and time management. I can assist you to

  • Develop a vision for your life.
  • Identify the areas in your life that you would like to change.
  • Work on long and short terms goals.
  • Provide support and accountability to achieve your vision.

Transition Coaching

We all experience welcome and unwelcome changes in our life. It may be a new job, baby, house, relationship, illness, injury, or a change in role or family circumstances. Transition is the psychological adjustment required to adapt to change. It is often a time of uncertainty and frustration. It can impact on our confidence, identity, relationships, behaviour and our assumptions about the world.

Transition coaching can assist you in navigating transitions from the ending to the new beginning and the difficult part in the middle. I can help you to

  • Increase awareness about transitions.
  • Support navigating through the transition.
  • Identify support systems and strategies that promote wellbeing.
  • Promote individual growth through the transition and beyond.

Wellness Coaching

Wellbeing comprises key elements of energy, stress management, life balance, weight, exercise, nutrition and health issues. Wellness coaching helps you to

  • Develop a vision for your wellbeing.
  • Identify the health and wellbeing areas that you would like to change.
  • Establish short and long term wellness goals.
  • Provide accountability and support to help you achieve your vision.

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