Loss and Grief Counselling

Loss and Grief

No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear. (C.S. Lewis, A grief observed, 1961).

Grief is the reaction to a loss or losses. Internal and external grief reactions involve our thoughts, physical and emotional health, beliefs, social connections, and behaviour and actions. Grief may occur in both death and non-death losses which may be anticipated, unexpected or a wish that never happened.

When your feelings become unpleasant, overwhelming and start to interfere with daily functioning, you may think about getting extra support. Grief counselling can help to more effectively deal with stressful or challenging life circumstances, painful thoughts, and feelings.

I will work with you to explore and articulate the concerns that you have without judgement and assumptions. As a result, you may understand the cause of your concerns.

Grief counselling can be very helpful when during times of anticipatory loss. Grief can be overwhelming at times when we expect that change is well underway. It may be that you are caring for another who has a terminal illness and you may find it difficult to confide in others. Other times you suspect that a relationship is changing or about to come to an end. It may be a relationship that is important to you and you don’t want it to end.

When grief feels like it cannot be expressed it may be what is known as disenfranchised grief. Some examples include the death of a beloved companion animal, death due to addictions or a relationship that has not been accepted by others.

If a death has just occurred you may be experiencing acute grief. Grief is still very raw. Counselling can help to normalise and validate the thoughts, emotions, body sensations that you may be experiencing. It can help to process what has happened and provide compassionate support. The private and confidential manner of counselling provides a safe place to express your innermost thoughts and issues that are troubling you without making assumptions or judgements.

Together we can work on strategies and I can teach you skills to help you:

  • Come to terms with loss and grief.
  • Make healthy changes to your lifestyle.
  • Cope with daily hassles.
  • Manage the impact of loss and grief on your relationships.
  • Deal with painful thoughts, worries and fears.
  • Manage stress, anxiety, depression.
  • Find your place for this next chapter of your life.
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