Organising Consulting

Organising Consulting

During periods of transition, your home, family, work or studies may become secondary. You may start to feel stress and frustration. You may feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start. You may be juggling many activities and constantly feel like you are getting nowhere despite feeling busy most of the day.

An organising consultant can help you become more organised and develop new skills to a level that suits your interests, lifestyle and home. These may include:

  • Making decisions on the vision for your life, home and time.
  • Assessing your existing activities, items and projects.
  • Making the best use of your existing space.
  • Organising systems to maintain an organised life to suit your needs.
  • Helping you achieve a balance between work, family and study.

If you already feel that your organising skills are adequate, but would like to have coaching to stay on track and accountable, then coaching can also be offered. If you feel that you have strong feelings of grief and loss and find it all overwhelming, then counselling may also assist.

I do not offer hands-on professional organising services, however, I can make a referral to a range of professional organisers and can also work with you and your professional organiser in collaborative therapy.

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