Single Session Counselling and Brief Therapy

Are you seeking to try out counselling without committing to regular appointments? Do you run short on time and want more frequent, shorter, focused appointments? This page will explain more about single-session counselling and brief therapy.

What is single-session counselling?

You may only want or require single-session counselling (SSC). These sessions last 90 minutes and are structured differently from multiple sessions. A single session does not preclude you from having another session.

When is single-session counselling appropriate?

SSC is ideal if you are seeking to resolve a single issue in the following circumstances:

  • Situational or chronic disorganisation
  • Acute grief (early stage of bereavement)
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Workplace and relationship issues.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of SSC are:

  • One session at a time without locking into more.
  • Professional services when you need them.
  • Short wait times for an appointment.
  • No referral is required.

Why choose Changes in Between?

I have extensive training and experience in providing single-session counselling and a strong philosophy that one session may be all that is required.

What is Brief Therapy? 

Brief therapy involves focused sessions of shorter duration, for instance, 1-6 appointments of 30 minutes. It can be cost-effective if you are ready to increase your self-awareness, be open, and engage in the process on a single issue.

Known as Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT), this modality involves guided self-assessment in relationships, work, play, and health. We will examine the main issue or problem with focused questions and achievable actions that align with what matters most to you.

FACT is ideal for:

  • Stress and burnout.
  • Anxiety, depression.
  • Excessive behaviours (e.g. food, shopping, gaming, gambling, alcohol and other drugs).

Together with virtual professional organising, we can use FACT to address excessively acquiring objects or activities.

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Training and Qualifications

Single Session Counselling

  • Single Session Therapy: Dr Windy Dryden, UK
  • Single Session Work: The Bouverie Centre, Australia

Brief Therapy

  • ACT as a Brief Intervention: Dr Russ Harris, Psychwire 
  • Effective Brief Contact and Single Session Grief Support: Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement